Sat, Apr. 13
7:30 pm
Orchestra: $50 I Mezzanine: $45 I Balcony: $40 

Ticket Fee: $2.00 per ticket + $1.50 eTix fee | No processing or delivery fees.
For bundle purchases, please click here or call the box office at 423.638.1679.
Doors open one hour prior to the performance.


In 1990, Firehouse’s inaugural self-titled album made waves with the release of the single “Shake and Tumble,” garnering impressive radio acclaim. The track “Don’t Treat Me Bad” soared into the Top 10 charts, swiftly followed by the heartfelt ballad “Love of a Lifetime,” securing a remarkable No. 3 position on U.S. charts and propelling the album to the illustrious Double Platinum status. The band continued their hit streak with crowd favorites such as “Hold Your Fire,” “When I Look into Your Eyes,” “Reach for the Sky,” and “Sleeping with You.”

Firehouse’s exhilarating tours have taken them across Southeast Asia and South America, captivating sold-out audiences. The band’s journey returned them to the United States, where they shared stages with renowned acts like Slaughter, Warrant, Quiet Riot, and LA Guns. Throughout their evolution, Firehouse has remained dedicated to crafting soulful and melodic hard rock, a signature sound that has earned them their well-deserved fame.

Prepare to experience Firehouse’s unmistakable style, as they continue to captivate audiences with their timeless and resonant music. Expect to hear what Firehouse is famous for, soulful and melodic hard rock.

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