Sat, Sep. 23
7:30 pm
Orchestra: $35 I Mezzanine: $30 I Balcony: $25

Ticket Fee: $2.00 per ticket + $1.50 eTix fee | No processing or delivery fees.
For bundle purchases, please click here or call the box office at 423.638.1679.
Doors open one hour prior to the performance.

Creedence Revived

Creedence Revived, one of the most highly sought-after tribute bands in the world, plays all over the globe for crowds upwards of 30,000. With a track record of selling out shows everywhere they go, this group is the real deal. Creedence Revived is made up of four of Chicago and LA’s most talented and eclectic musicians – consisting of an award winning vocalist nicknamed “The Chameleon” in the industry for his unique ability to shift his voice to match the style of any vocalist, a world-renowned blues guitarist who attracts blues fans from around the world, a studio bassist who has appeared on many chart-topping albums, and a drummer who sells out theaters on his own based solely on his unique playing style.

Making return visits to the many stages they play, Creedence Revived leaves fans walking away in awe of their performance.

“We pay tribute.  We play the music as if we wrote it.  We perform as if we were the original band.  CCR is legendary.”  – Rich Perez, Lead Vocalist

Artistic gray outline of a vintage style microphone
Artistic gray outline of a guitar head stock